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Matcha Tea Essentials Kit
Urvasha Ramdass
Matcha tea and kit. Loving it.

I purchased the tea as well as the kit and both products are amazing. I really enjoy using my products and it is key to my early morning self care ritual.

Matcha Tea Essentials Kit
Marianne Elsenaar

Matcha Tea Essentials Kit

Chasen Bamboo Whisk
Erin Slingerland
Perfect Frothy Matcha

It’s beautiful, easy to use, easy to clean and just makes my whole matcha experience seem more authentic - I love it!

Amazing Just Matcha

Great service, top quality product, don’t miss out !!

Matcha Superior Tea (40g)

Great quality!

This is by FAR the best Matcha that I have ever used. Will never go back to any other brand. Superior quality!

Matcha Tea Essentials Kit

Just adore this kit! Best quality. Love my new Matcha making ritual every morning!

Matcha Superior Tea (40g)
Dilshaad Kamrodien

Matcha Superior Tea (40g)

Culinary Grade Matcha

Thank you for your description of Culinary Grade Matcha. Having read that it still has all the same health benefits, I use it in shakes and smoothies every morning just to get the focused calm to work with a clear head. Thanks for your speedy delivery and courier tracking contact during the process.

My first 100% real matcha

This matcha is worth every penny 😋,the bonus here is health benefits too!!

Matcha Superior Tea (40g)

The Best Choice

The best choice for keeping one healthy

Excellent quality

I've travelled to Japan and tasted genuine matcha tea in Kyoto. This quality is incredible and authentic. Best matcha in South Africa for sure!

Matcha Tea Essentials Kit
Chloe Hutchison
Super impressed!!!

Wow! Best addition to my new morning routine. Beautiful quality and value for money. I 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to up their matcha game!

Just Matcha - Simply the Best!

Love the product and the continued excellent and personal touch service makes it even better! Thank you to the Just Matcha team for your excellent service and care! Warm regards, Esmarie

Matcha Superior

The superior matcha quality is excellent. All aspects of customer service, delivery outstanding

Bamboo whisk

I’ve just used the new bamboo whisk, and it’s amazing! It really makes a noticeable difference to the frothiness of the matcha .

Great product and great service!

I highly recommend buying from Just Matcha. Their quality is the best and it came so quickly!
Thank you!

Culinary Grade Matcha Tea (100g)
Stephanie Anastasopoulos

Culinary Grade Matcha Tea (100g)

Great product

Really impressed with quality and service. Love the Matcha Superior Tea, great value for money

Cullinary Matcha!

Even the cullinary grade Matcha is better that the matcha one can buy from other stores. I would not name names, but believe me, I've tried a lot of different matchas and from Just Matcha the quality is always best.

Matcha Beginner Bundle
Debbie Schulenburg
Best Matcha Ever

The starter bundle is a good place to start for those who still need the whisk. I bought it for my daughter since she always uses mine. Great quality Matcha!

Love my Matcha!

I have been drinking Matcha for about three weeks now. What has changed? I no longer drink coffee or unhealthy energy drinks. I have sustained energy throughout the day just from one cup in the morning. I have energy in the evenings to exercise. I love my Matcha!

Very Happy

The quality of the matcha tea as well as the service is superb!

Best Quality & Service

Neither me or my family are able to do without our daily cup of matcha tea.
Having it for more than a year now we can see the long term benefits. Have swopped our daily multi vitamins for matcha. Great energy.
And the service is amazing. Love the personalized notes with each order. Customers for life xxxx