Why Drink Matcha Tea?

Just one cup of Matcha green tea a day and you could be enjoying these awesome benefits:

• Fight cancer cells

• Lower cholesterol

• Increase weight loss

• Kill free radicals

• Ward off bacterial infection and illness

• Prevent viral infections

• Moderate allergies

• Oral deodorant and sterilizer

• Prevent dental cavities

• Improve memory and concentration

• Enhance cognitive function

• Boost immune function

• Reduce blemishes, wrinkles and sun-damage

• Raise energy levels and alertness

• Alkalize the blood

• Regulate the heartbeat

• Build strong teeth and bones.

In fact, you'd have to be crazy not to drink it!

For those with a more inquiring mind, who want to know how one little cup of tea can do all that, let us explain.

Matcha tea is unique because with any other tea, the leaves are steeped and some of the nutrients are drawn out, but the remaining good stuff is thrown out when you dispose of the leaves. The meaning of the word 'matcha' is literally 'powdered tea', because the rich, green leaves are ground to a fine powder and dissolved in to each little cuppa. So, when you drink a cup of Matcha tea, you are getting every bit of good stuff you can. Not a smidgen is wasted!

The reason you don't want to waste a drop is the key combination of nutritional components:


Catechins and EGCG

Bioflavonoids that have excellent anti-virals and anti-oxidant properties. These incredible components inhibit the growth of cancer cells, unblock arteries, prevent bad LDL cholesterol and promote good HDL cholesterol levels. They also promote healthy energy consumption in the body, thereby reducing fat. These powerhouses also have excellent anti-bacterial properties. Studies have even found that gargling with green tea can prevent influenza and infections, as well as promote healthy gums and prevent bad breath.

Brain Focus


An amino acid that stimulates alpha brain waves. It creates a relaxed, yet alert mind, allowing one clear focus. Theanine tempers the natural caffeine in green tea, increasing energy without causing a jittery feeling. Dopamine levels are also increased by L-Theanine which improves memory. 

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Vitamin C

A water soluble variety of this vitamin is contained in Matcha which loses none of its potency or efficacy in the brewing process. The combination of Catechins, Vitamin E and Vitamin C contained in Matcha work together to reduce blemishes, wrinkles and sun damages.

Weight Loss


Natural, mild caffeine which has been shown to increase mental alertness, cognitive function and increase weight loss.



A powerful detoxifier which helps the body to rid itself of toxins and heavy metals. Matcha contains even more chlorophyll because it is grown in the shade before harvest.



Potassium, Manganese and Calcium are all present in Matcha which assist in alkalizing blood, regulating the heartbeat and strengthening teeth and bones. 

Essentially, Matcha is an incredible little super-food that you need to get into your body now, so it can start working its magic! And to get all the benefits its as simple as drinking a cup of tea. 

If you have anything you'd like to ask about Matcha, let us know and we'll get back to you. 

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