Matcha - A Lot of Love in a Cup


It's amazing what one little cup of Matcha can do for you! There is a reason why this green gold is so special - its because of all the love that goes into every gram. Here is a simple infographic that shows you how the magic happens: 

As you can see, each individual leaf is hand-picked (and only the best ones at that), and it takes over an hour to grind just 40g of powder! So yes, the process is time-consuming, but this ensures the best quality powder, hence the reason for it's price, but it's oh so worth it!

Watch out for our next infographic on the benefits of matcha!


  • The Just Matcha Team

    Hi Samila! With just one cup you get all the health benefits you need, but you are more than welcome to have more than one cup!

  • Samila

    I would like to find out if one should only have one cup a day or can you drink more than one!

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