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OmniBlend V & Culinary  Matcha

OmniBlend V & Culinary Matcha

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Take your Matcha Smoothies to the next level. With the OmniBlend and Matcha Culinary Combo

The OmniBlend blender is perfect for making matcha smoothies.

You can also make soups, dips and matcha more.

This High Performance blender is able to crush ice and grind nuts, which makes it one of the best blenders on the market - with the best Matcha on the market you couldn't ask for a better pair!

Fit for use in both household and restaurant kitchens, the OmniBlend is perfect for both novice cooks and master chefs. Choose from white, black or maroon to matcha your style.

The OmniBlend V fits both the 1.5ltr and the 2ltr jug. Opt for the 1.5ltr jug if you blend liquids only. The 2ltr jug is suited for both liquids (matcha smoothies, iced matcha lattes, soups), and grinding dry ingredients. The 2ltr jug also works best for making pesto, spreads, sauces and nut butters.

The difference between the OmniBlend V and the OmniBlend I is its interface: the OmniBlend V has 3 speed settings for manual speed control, as well as 3 pre-set timer settings. This allows you to blend for 35/60/90 seconds after which the blender stops automatically. It also has a pulse function for a quick chop or salsa.

For videos, warranty information and specifications please visit the OmniBlend website: https://omniblend.co.za/collections/v-omniblend-jtc

Please note we will send you your Matcha and OmniBlend will send you the blender with FREE Shipping once you place your order.

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