Just Matcha - Matcha Culinary Grade Green Tea 100g

Culinary Grade Matcha Tea (100g)

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100 grams of Culinary Grade Matcha green tea from Kyoto.
Now available in South Africa!
  • Grown in the finest, fertile soil close to the river in Uji, Kyoto
  • Ground by traditional Hikiusu (mortar and pestle)
  • Ichibancha tea - Hand-picked during the first and best harvest of the season
  • Matcha tea grown according to Tana method  - Shaded for 20 to 30 days before harvest
  • Slight bitter flavour with a more sharp finish
  • Great for Smoothies, Icecream, Cakes, etc.

This grade of Matcha green tea is perfect for the beginner Matcha drinker who wants the health benefits. All of the Matcha Green Tea that we source is of the highest quality however in comparison to our other grades this grade of Matcha is also more suited for cooking and baking. It has all the same health benefits - but a slightly less refined taste. 

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Customer Reviews

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Culinary Matcha

Great matcha grade for all recipes including cake and broth.

Loved it and keep loving it

This has to be the best value for money, quality culinary grade matcha I’ve tried. A lot of the marketed ceremonial matcha on the market doesn’t compare to how good this is. The umami and richness make for both wonderful lattes and stunning baked goods. Highly recommend.

Culinary Grade Matcha Tea (100g)

Always excellent service and a great product.

Best for matcha addicts

I love my culinary grade matcha! Although I also like the organic matcha - and pretty sure the others too - for a matcha addict like me with the amount I drink the culinary grade has the absolute best value for money. It’s by far the best matcha I’ve ever tried in South Africa and I can’t recommend it enough 💚


This is a brilliant tea. Highly recommended.