Just Matcha - Matcha Superior Green Tea Powder Tin 40g

Matcha Superior Tea (40g)

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High grade Matcha green tea from Kyoto.
Now available in South Africa!

  • Refined full flavour with a smooth finish
  • High grade Matcha tea grown according to Tana method  - Shaded for 20 to 30 days before harvest
  • Grown in the finest, fertile soil close to the river in Uji, Kyoto
  • Hand-picked during the optimal season producing the sweetest taste
  • Ground by traditional Hikiusu (mortar and pestle)
  • 40g makes 30-40 Cups depending on strength (1g of Matcha makes a large cup)
  • Sealed in a secure air-tight pull-top tin, straight from Japan for ultimate freshness

This grade of Matcha green tea is perfect for the Matcha drinker who wants flavour as well as health benefits.

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Customer Reviews

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Highly recommended

Love this brand & the story where the tea comes from, automatically Japanese. Top quality, great taste & amazing service from JustMatcha. I look forward to my cup of Matcha every day at 13:00 :)

Absolutely superb!

I’m a daily matcha drinker and I’ve tried so many brands foreign and local, and regardless of which step of matcha at which price point the quality is amazing. I highly recommend it! I really do buy consistently from here.

real quality

First time opening the tea, it was super green and bright. It tastes sweeter than the other Matcha’s I’ve bought before. Will definitely recommend . My favorite part of it all though, is the letter they send, making the experience more personal and warm

Exceptional service

Firstly the service we received from Just Matcha was nothing short of exceptional. We are first time matcha drinkers so we have no reference point when it comes to quality or taste but we love Just Matcha, we have to get our morning fix!


A very great quality of Macha Tea!