Just Matcha - Matcha Superior Green Tea Powder Tin 40g
Just Matcha - Matcha Superior Green Tea Powder
Just Matcha - Matcha Superior Green Tea Powder Tin 40g Side View
Just Matcha - Matcha Superior Green Tea Powder Tin 40g
Just Matcha Pull Top Tin

Matcha Superior Tea (40g)

Matcha Superior Tea (40g)

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This grade of Matcha green tea is perfect for the Matcha drinker who wants flavour as well as health benefits.
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High grade Matcha green tea from Kyoto.
Now available in South Africa!

  • Refined full flavour with a smooth finish
  • High grade Matcha tea grown according to Tana method  - Shaded for 20 to 30 days before harvest
  • Grown in the finest, fertile soil close to the river in Uji, Kyoto
  • Hand-picked during the optimal season producing the sweetest taste
  • Ground by traditional Hikiusu (mortar and pestle)
  • 40g makes 30-40 Cups depending on strength (1g of Matcha makes a large cup)
  • Sealed in a secure air-tight pull-top tin, straight from Japan for ultimate freshness

This grade of Matcha green tea is perfect for the Matcha drinker who wants flavour as well as health benefits.

Some frequently asked questions

It's super easy to order matcha tea from our online store. This is all you need to do:

  • Find the product you want to order and click on it, such as our Matcha Superior.
  • When you land on the product page, click the "Add to Cart" button
  • The product will be added to your shopping cart and you will be directed to the cart page to review it's contents.
  • You can navigate away and carry on shopping, or if you have all you need just click "Checkout"
  • You will be taken through our secure checkout where you will be asked for your delivery & payment details so that we can get your matcha to your door!
  • Your matcha will arrive within about 1 week from the time you place it
  • Whisk up your matcha and enjoy!

To make a cup of Matcha tea you will only need approximately 1 gram of powder, so a 40 g tin of our Matcha Superior will give you about 30 - 40 cups of tea. So, if you are drinking the recommended one cup a day, your tin will last you at least one month.

The 100g bag of Culinary Matcha will give you about 90 - 100 cups of tea. If you are using it for recipes, you will use a bit more, but this is adaptable to your own preference or taste. Click here to have a look at a few great recipes we have tried.

Our Matcha is sourced from Uji, Kyoto in Japan, which is well known as the source of the finest Matcha in the world. If you would like to know how to tell high quality Matcha from lesser quality Matcha, here is an explanation

The plantation from which we source our Matcha has a very stringent growing process and hand-picks every leaf. An infographic explaining the growing process which produces our perfect,  bright green Matcha powder is found on our blog here

Also, when you make a cup of Matcha tea, you use only 1 gram of powder so our 40 gram tin of Matcha Superior makes approximately 30 - 40 cups.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Suprise Henry Khosa
The Real Matcha from JustMatcha 10/10

Delivery: delivery was super quick, I am located in an area that is far from the city and delivery usually reach me after 5-10 days. However I got mine in less than 48 hours, I understand that this company is somewhere in the Western Cape and I am In Mpumalanga. They contacted me to confirm the address on the first day and the following day my order was at my doorstep. 10/10

Product: It is a superior product without a doubt. The best products are usually in the smallest quantity or packages. It’s super green, darkish compared to the previous matcha I bought from another store which was light. This is definitely the real deal, after opening the tin packaging, green smoke comes out…keep it the stated temperature to maintain the freshness, mine still has the green smoke coming out after 2 weeks

Packaging: the small container is the best, free from plastic and it maintains and keeps the matcha at the required temperature but this needs you to follow instructions on its storage. It comes sealed which makes sense coming from a long distance. It only makes sense as the production companies charge weight…but in this case this is shipped from Japan and border expenses are high. So that needs to be considered as well.

Personal input based on experience: I don’t suffer from any sickness or conditions that I know of, I’ve been drinking matcha for over a year now after switching from the tea bag green tea. Matcha helps alot with my digestive system, boosts my mood all the time, energy is amazing as it lasts the entire day. Take note that I only drink one cup and it’s a quarter spoon size that I am using…in my case I think with the diet I eat everyday makes it easy for matcha. The two go together very well, Matcha and good healthy food. Works even on a poor diet but I would recommend improving your diet as well to ensure that you get the best of the two. For example I usually have it in the morning after I ate avocados and bananas with Brown bread. Be careful, it is not recommended to eat and drink at the same time to ensure that your body has enough time to absorb all the nutrients.

This is worth the price don’t be frustrated about the size of it. It just shows how authentic the product is. So far this is the best place in South Africa to buy your matcha tea. If you really want the real authentic matcha 🙌🏾 Thank you JustMatcha. You can even contact them on instagram as they are very helpful and responsive.

You are more than welcome to contact me on instagram to find out the progression as time goes on based on my experience with it. (Instagram hendryshthefirst)

Abigail De Lange
Matcha Superior

The quality of the matcha from JustMatcha is unmatched. I’ve tried many brands and JustMatcha is my number 1! I love the cute note packaged with the matcha. It makes the experience that much more pleasant.


the best matcha i have ever had!

Nthabeleng Gqweta
Excellent tea

The matcha quality is top tier. Beautiful vibrant colour and great taste. Very happy with the product.
Delivery does take a bit long tho - thats def an area for improvement.

Jade Fortune
Best Matcha in South Africa

I have tried many a matcha. Really I have! And there’s not many places to get Matcha in Johannesburg. And out of those places JUST MATCHA is the best Matcha around. Just gotta learn how to make it (they supply lovely instructions) and all of a sudden you will be come a Match snob just like me and will only be able to drink Just Matcha.

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